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First look at SiSense Prism

I have recently started to hear about Prism, which utilizes Column storage and this ‘cool’ just-in-time in-memory processing it has got. This weekend, I got a chance to play around and do some basic research on it. Here are my … Continue reading

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In-memory Business Intelligence

Traditional BI technology loads data onto disk as modeled tables and multidimensional cubes, queries are then made against the tables and cubes on disk. Limitations of disk based (RDBMS or OLAP) techniques include performance limitations requiring intermediate aggregation tables, low flexibility to adapt to … Continue reading

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Cost was much higher purchasing driver in 2010 as compared to 2009 as per Gartner’s survey showing organizations consideration to open source or low price vendors for BI deployments. New addition to Gartner’s magic quadrant this year and such a … Continue reading

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Microstrategy Business Intelligence

Microstrategy specializes in enterprise BI deployment and according to latest research by Gartner has the largest average deployments in terms of number of users . Microstrategy as a company have excellent support relationship and as a product one the best … Continue reading

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IBM Business Analytics (Cognos and SPSS)

IBM with the acquisition of Cognos (Jan 2008) and SPSS (July 2009) has definitely built a nice and a complete stack on BI offerings. They are on top in Gartner’s famous Magic Quadrant for completeness of vision and right below Microsoft, Oracle and Microstrategy … Continue reading

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Oracle Offerings

When I first looked at Oracle website couple years ago, it was not that bad, but with all the aggressive acquisitions over last couple of years and continuous addition to their solution stack, it can get little difficult to find what all … Continue reading

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Microstrategy World 2011 (keynotes)

Michael Saylor, founder and CEO of Microstrategy “Turning our civilization into software driven processes” “You might not be interested in technology but technology is interested in you” “It is an exciting time, BI is coming out of back offices and … Continue reading

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