Gartner’s BI Magic Quadrant 2011

Lets see quick highlights on what’s new this year:

Among big vendors in leader’s quadrant Both Microsoft and Microstrategy seems to have made a big leap on the chart unlike Oracle and IBM but still holding strong position on the chart as well as market.

Among data discovery vendors Tableau, Spotfire and Qliktech, Qliktech made it to the leader’s quadrant this, I would not doubt Qlikview getting high points for the best use of in-memory technology and user adoption but as given in Gartner’s report has no expansive product strategy and offers limited metadata management. Tableau with its overwhelmingly positive customer survey and strong interactive visualization for analysis has made a big jump on the quadrant but it still lacks broader BI platform capabilities. Although there are many companies that have other BI platforms in place and use Tableau on top of it for visualization.

New additions to this year’s magic quadrant are Bitam, Corda Technologies, Jaspersoft and Salient Management Company. Another tool that has been added for first time to Magic Quadrant and has been catching our eyes for quite some time is Logixml, which has lately been getting customer preference because of its low-cost offering.

About Abi Gupta

Business Intelligence enthusiast with background in predictive analytics and six sigma and interests in best practices, visualizations and capturing trends in BI.
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