Let’s see why companies wants to go Mobile

Ease and speed of data query, that’s it! right?

Other than the fact it is mobile and you have access to data on the go, second big reason is the way we query the data. It is much simpler and faster and let see how.

Lets see what all features makes it possible:

1. Touch and Swipe

2. Bar Code Scanning

3. Spatial location

4. Geo-position

5. Bluetooth

6. Speech recognition


8.Near field communication

Instead of traditional way of querying data by writing long SQL queries on desktop is now replaced by something as simple as changing orientation of mobile device in your hands. Geo positioning can provide exact location and save another step of typing in the location and filter data based on where we are standing at the moment. Think of the app which tells you nearest bars, coffee shops and ATM where you having to type in the location. With all this built-in features of present and coming mobile devices the why we use to query data has completely changed, giving us access to instantaneous information with a touch of our figure tips.


About Abi Gupta

Business Intelligence enthusiast with background in predictive analytics and six sigma and interests in best practices, visualizations and capturing trends in BI.
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