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Do you know about Datavibes Mobile BI practice?

Mobile BI is one of the recent evolutions in Business Intelligence enables Business users to make ‘on-the-go’ business decision using any smart device including Blackberry, iPhone and iPad etc. Many Fortune 500 companies have started evaluating Mobile BI and the … Continue reading

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Predictive Analytics

In simple words Predictive Analytics deals with prediction of future probabilities and trends utilizing statistics modeling and data mining techniques on the historical data. Think how helpful would it be if, using predictive algorithms and models, if we can identify … Continue reading

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Technology| Then & Now

I heard sometimes a picture says more than thousand words, so I am going to save you lot of reading and here is pictorially how I see changes in technology in past 5 years. THEN NOW Please vote on poll below … Continue reading

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BI Trends

I have tried summarizing the trend in Business Intelligence in a fancy looking visual, I hope you find it informative. Please comment and share your thoughts on what you feel, how Business Intelligence as a whole has been changing or … Continue reading

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What goes inside a ‘good’ BI Project

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Social Analytics

Some of the companies I found while looking around on web for social analytics and it seems the list is increasing everyday and I will try to keep up with it and come back and update this later but in … Continue reading

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